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Ticked Off Tick Repellent

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Love the outdoors but hate the ticks? Don't care to spread poison on you? Wan't it to really work? Problem solved!
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If ticks are a big problem in your neck of the woods, then you need a tick repellent that actually works. This tick repellent is non-toxic and all natural, but don't let that news fool you, this repellent is very effective. With over 16 essential oils, with the main ingredient being Ledum.  We've tested this in the deep woods of Vermont during a particularly bad tick season, and we had perfect results every time. Great for campouts, hikes, and any adventure that finds you outdoors(or just going outside anywhere this year for that matter)! Don't let the little buggers keep you from enjoying your much deserved summer! Check out our video on Facebook to see this repellent in action!

4 oz plastic spray bottle

Spray on liberally before going outdoors.